What mediums do you work in?

I work primarily in colored pencils, but use only the best, most archival materials from the pencils themselves to the papers I draw on and the mat boards used for framing.

I also work in oils upon request, and also use only the best, most archival materials.

Which is best?

Each medium has advantages and disadvantages.

Colored pencil portraits take a long time to complete, because colored pencils are a naturally slow medium. Oil paints take a long time because each layer has to dry before I can do the next one.

Colored pencils are best for small portraits. 14 x 18 inches or smaller is best suited to colored pencil work.

For larger portraits, oil paints are generally better because I can cover large areas more quickly.

But deciding on the medium is a personal choice. Whichever one you like best is the one you should choose.

Portrait of a Black Tennessee Walking Horse
8 x 10 on Gray Paper


Is there a difference in price?

No. The same amount of work goes into every portrait, whether I’m using oil paints or colored pencils, so prices are the same for both mediums.

How much does a portrait cost?

Portraits are priced on size. The larger the portrait, the more expensive.

This portrait of Muscle Hill (bel0w) is a large portrait (22 x 28). Large portraits range in size from 22 x 28 and larger.

Portrait of Muscle Hill 22 x 28 Oil on Panel


Large portraits are great for full figure, pastoral, or sporting scenes. A portrait of similar size is approximately $2,500.

Medium-sized portraits range in size from 16″ x 20″ to 20″ x 24″. This portrait of Tight End is 20″ x 24″.

Portrait of Tight End
20 x 24 Oil on Canvas


Medium-sized portraits are perfect for portraits showing head, neck and shoulders. The price for medium-sized portraits is approximately $1,700.

Portraits 14 x 18 and smaller are considered small portraits. They’re ideal for for head, neck and shoulder studies, detail studies, or sketches.

Portrait of Dixie
8 x 10 Sketch on Paper


Do you have less expensive portraits?

Smaller portraits are less expensive than larger ones and can be nearly as detailed as larger portraits.

You might also consider either a value study portrait on toned paper and using only a few colors or a sketch on toned paper using only one or two colors.

Portrait of Nero
Value Study Portrait
8 x 10 on Colored Paper


Portrait of Star-Vue Ballerina
8 x 10 Sketch on Colored Paper


How long will it take to paint my portrait?

The creation of a portrait is a lot like the training of a horse. Doing it right requires time and much depends on how complex the portrait is as well as its size.

The more complex the design, the longer the painting will take. A portrait with a simple, tonal background will require less painting time than a portrait that features a farm setting or other specific location.

We’ll discuss the anticipated start date and completion date of your portrait when all the other details have been decided.

Do you work from photographs?

Portraits can be created from your photographs.

The ideal situation is for me to meet with you and your horse or other animal. A personal meeting not only gives me the opportunity to take my own photographs, but allows me to see the horse in person and observe personality, quirks, and those details that make a portrait come to life. There is an intangible something in a portrait when I have the chance to see the horse in person that does not come through when I work only from photographs.

High-quality digital images are best suited to portrait painting, but print photos are also acceptable.

Make certain to obtain written permission from the photographer who holds the copyright on any professional photos used.

Salt Lake
11 x 14 Colored Pencil


What about the photos I send you?

All photographs are returned with the portrait.

How do I know I’ll like the portrait?

Every portrait comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not completely happy with the finished portrait, return it for a refund of the two-thirds balance. The initial one third payment is your earnest deposit and covers the cost of materials and is not refundable.

However, in the interest of creating a truly pleasing portrait, you will be given the opportunity to approve every stage before I proceed to the next. You will have the opportunity to review composition designs and select the one you prefer. You will also have the opportunity to review and approve the preliminary drawing, the under painting and the final painting before delivery. You are encouraged to participate in the process as much or as little as you wish.

In addition, I have been painting portraits of horses for over 40 years and have yet to have a portrait rejected. That is, perhaps, the best guarantee of all.

Blizzard Babe
11 x 14 Colored Pencil on Board


Will you frame my portrait?

Most paintings are not really complete until they are properly framed. Your portrait is an investment so you will not want to have it framed in any pre-made frame from the local art supply store.

If there is a reputable, custom framer that you trust in your area, the painting can be delivered to you unframed.

In most cases, however, clients prefer to have me take care of the framing for them. That way, they have a painting ready to hang out of the box.

When I frame a portrait for you, I consult with you on where the painting will be displayed and your preferences as to wood, type or color. Three to five frame samples will be provided for your selection, along with a digital image of each option and a quote for each option.

The price of the frame you select will be added with shipping and will be payable before delivery.

I would like to give art as a gift. Can you do something quickly?

Turnaround time for sketches and value studies is four to six weeks (after photo shoot or receipt of acceptable photos).  For holiday delivery, last day to place an order is November 1.

More detailed portraits—even small ones—could take up to two months for delivery.

Gift Certificates for portraits are also available. A custom made card will be sent to the recipient with instructions on how to submit photographs of the subject.

Do you have ready-made art available?

Yes. Many original oil paintings and colored pencil paintings are available for immediate delivery.

As with portraits, they may be purchased unframed, with standard framing, or custom framing.

Still have questions?

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