Why Horses?

I’ve been asked–and have wondered–why horses hold such an attraction. Why, of all the beauty on God’s earth, do horses fascinate me so?

The easy answer is that there is nothing else that equals the grace and beauty of a horse.

There is a quote running around somewhere that says, “Ask me about poetry in motion and I will show you a horse.”

That pretty much sums it up for me. When God made the horse, He did something very special. When God made me, He put inside both a fascination with watching horses and with attempting to capture on canvas and paper what I see in life. A never-ending challenge, to be sure.

Capturing Memories

Over the years, painting horses has come to be more than just making oil paintings or colored pencil drawings that look like specific horses.

It’s more about capturing a moment in time or a fond memory than about the tools or techniques I use. There’s more of warm feelings in my artwork than paint and canvas or pencil and paper. That’s the motivation behind every painting, whether it’s a project designed for a gallery or art show or a portrait for a client with a special horse to remember.

Capturing Moments in Time

Creating art that captures the essence of a moment as well as the spirit of the individual horse. Do you have a moment that needs to be captured in oils? Email me and let’s talk.