5"x4" Colored Pencil, unframed


Description of Tree Study 2019-01

I’ve always liked trees. Whether lounging in the shade on a hot day, enjoying the stark contrast and complexity of dark, bare branches in blankets of snow, or sitting outside sketching, there’s something mesmerizing about the complex symmetry of a tree.

Or of individual branches.

Tree Study 2019-01 was drawn one winter night in 2019. I sat on the couch in our front room, looking at the twisting branches of the oak tree across the street. The nearby street light illuminated the branch, casting some of it in sharp light or deep shadow. Other parts faded into the darkness of night. Overall, the affect was intriguing.

So intriguing, I retrieved a white colored pencil or two, a small piece of black paper, and started sketching. My goal? To capture the play of light and shadow on the branches.

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