4"x5" Watercolor Pencil, unframed


Description of Purple and Blue Landscape 2019 1

Usually, my artwork is pretty “serious.” I want each piece to look like whatever I’m drawing, whether animals or landscapes.

But every now again, a new set of pencils, a question to answer, or just a need for a little fun prompts a session of making artwork for fun.

Early in 2019, I got a set of Derwent Watercolor pencils, a pad of Canson L’Aquarelle Watercolor paper, and the fun began.

I quartered a sheet of paper, mounted the pieces to back boards and started experimenting with my new pencils. Since I was also interested in creating night-time scenes at about the same time, I decided to create a series of nocturnes. Purple and Blue Landscape 2019 1 is the first of the four.

I tried different painting methods including wetting the paper first, painting on dry paper with a wet brush stroked across a pencil, and anything else that crossed my mind. I even dropped clean water into wet color, with the singular affect seen in the left side of the sky in this piece.

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