20"x16" Colored Pencil

Not for sale

Description of Power Trot

Power Trot is a 16×20 original colored pencil on white Rising Stonehenge paper. It was created as a gift for my husband (one he waited a long time for!)

The subject of this painting is based on the black Clydesdales I saw and photographed a few years ago at Express Clydesdales in Yukon, Oklahoma. The horse I photographed was named Joker and is the subject of two small head studies, one of which is also colored pencil.

The painting was created using a direct method. I used local color to finish each area before moving to the next. This method requires a lot less time than the classical method, but it’s still a lengthy, many-layered process. I spent a little over 40 hours on it over the space of about four months. Up until the final week, most of those hours came only after doing paid portrait work for clients.

I also had to work around Neal’s schedule, since I couldn’t work on the painting while he was home and hope to keep it a secret!