4"x6" Colored Pencil, unframed


Description of Blue Mountains

Sketching allows me to draw every day, draw things I really enjoy drawing, and experiment with paper/pencil combinations that I might not try on more “serious art.”

Blue Mountains is one of those experiments.

The paper is Stonehenge paper in the Fawn Color. Stonehenge used to be one of my favorite papers, and I still use it for sketching on a regular basis. It’s a velvety, smooth paper ideal for layering and shading.

I used Derwent Drawing Colored Pencil Smoke Blue for this sketch because I wanted to do a color other than an earth tone, but I wanted to do more sketching with Derwent Drawing Colored Pencils. Since my collection of colors in this line of pencil is limited, I chose a blue. The results are very pleasing.

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