11"x14" Colored Pencil, framed


Description of Blizzard Babe

I love this portrait of Blizzard Babe. It is one of my all time favorite colored pencil pieces.

The photographs that inspired it were taken at the Midland County Fairgrounds in August 1999.

At the time, I didn’t know who Blizzard Babe was or what she would become, but the words of praise spoken about her by the announcer were enough to catch my attention. When I realized she was the bright gray in the field, I made her my focus of attention for that race.

My favorite shots were up close and personal studies of her in the winner’s circle, after having been blanketed, then again as she was led back to the barns.

The resulting portrait has been to a variety of shows and exhibits at horse shows, race tracks, and galleries. It remains one of my special favorites, but it’s time it brought enjoyment to a new home.

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