8"x10" Colored Pencil, unframed

Not for sale

Description of Afternoon Graze

I have always been fascinated by horses. Their appearance, their grace in motion, even the smell of them. Over the decades, I’ve painted portraits of champion race horses and backyard pets, and have enjoyed them all. But to me, the horse is at its best when it’s on its own. Running free over the hillsides or grazing quietly with a pasture buddy.

These two appeared to be working cow horses on summer break. When I saw them, they were in the same pasture with beef cattle. I focused on the horses, the landscape, and the warm afternoon sunlight in which they were bathed in order to capture the quiet grace of the moment.

Afternoon Graze is based on the same photo from which I composed The Sentinel. When it comes to prompting artwork, that one photograph has been the best I’ve ever taken, bar none.

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